We are the branch of the Modern Enigma Society covering the greater Boston area, spanning five of Massachusetts’ easternmost counties. The MES is a national parlor LARP group specializing in games set in White Wolf’s World of Darkness. Our games meet once a month and are adults only (18+).

Play vampires scrabbling for power, werewolves trying to save the world, and down-on-their-luck changelings just trying to catch a break. We are part of  a nationally connected game, with a vast living world of PCs and NPCs all over the country.

New players are always welcome at our games. No experience is required, and our veteran players are happy to teach the rules and provide guidance on creating characters. If you want to see what our games are like, feel free to come and just observe a session or two. But if you are ready to jump right in the deep end with your own character, you can learn the system as you go.

Whatever your choice though, please contact at least one of the staff members on the Contacts page. If you have your eye on a particular venue, the Storyteller for that game is likely the best person to talk to. If you don’t know where to start, then simply e-mail the Domain Coordinator or Domain Storyteller.