Changeling: the Lost


Fourth Saturday of the Month, 1 PM

The True Fae, long since sealed away in Arcadia, have once more ridden into the world to take people back to arcadia as slaves, playthings or soldiers. Upon your escape, you come back to find the Earth you remember never even knew you were gone. The Boston Changeling the Lost game focuses on themes of exploration, unraveling mysteries of the past and forging a new life from the ashes of the old.

Changelings, also known as the Lost, are humans who were abducted by the Fae. Unlike most who suffer this fate, the Lost have managed to find their way back through the Hedge (the barrier between our world and the fairy world) to the mortal world, but their time in the Faerie realm (Arcadia) has irrevocably changed their bodies, minds and souls. A Changeling’s true, inhuman mien is hidden by his Mask, the aspect of Fae magic that makes Faerie creatures and artefacts seem mundane to mortal eyes. Very few Changelings are able to reclaim their old lives, or make entirely new ones without retaining ties to the fae realm.

Changeling: The Lost is a game about people in awful situations, who have mustered the strength to move on. It’s about learning to survive in a new world, one that looks like the one you grew up in, but one you’ll never see the same way because of what you’ve been through. It’s about struggling to find a balance between facing the world, and looking back and healing. It’s about knowing that you could become a victim at any time, and trying to walk the line between security and paranoia. It’s about staying safe while not consuming your life by dwelling on the past. It’s about dealing. It’s about growing. It’s about healing.

Vampire: The Masquerade


Second Saturday of the Month, 7:00 PM

In 2011, the world ended.

For some. For most, though, the sun still set, and unlife continued.

Some kindred consider the night of the Beckoning to have been the moment of Gehenna. Nothing else could have caused so many elders to just disappear…. But the moon never ran as blood, the sun never rose black in the sky. Nothing boiled from the ground, and the world never turned cold.

The fabled end-times came and went just like any other night, unlike anything vampires had ever predicted. But the world kept turning.

At the same time, an even bigger threat was rising: somehow, secrecy failed and humanity noticed.  Armed with modern technology and a massive amount of funding, the Second Inquisition gained a new edge over the undead. The onslaughts of the mortal hunters left the vampires no time to grieve their losses. They needed to move, or they would learn what waits at the end of immortality. The past nine years have seen more change than many kindred had seen in decades, and the sects adjusted as best they could. 

As the remaining elders fought to maintain their power and control, the whispers of the Beckoning still echoed in their minds. And the sects shifted in response to the world – the youth took their moment to shine. 

This is our story: one not about Gehenna, but about evolution.

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Venue Style Sheet – a guide to our local game and what players should expect

In-Character Treaties & Documents:

  1. April Morning Accords
  2. Third Night Treaty
  3. Paramount Treaty
  4. Courtesies of Boston

Other Resources:

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Werewolf: the Apocalypse

The Longest Road

Second Saturday of the Month, 1:00 PM

Come be part of the newly formed Gaian Alliance, where Garou, Fera, and Kinfolk are united at last in a battle against the Weaver.  Old enmities still simmer, and new alliances also made new enemies as the political landscape of the shifters has changed.  Meanwhile, practical matters of war against the Weaver and basic survival force political agendas to the wayside.

The Longest Road is a game about having nothing and struggling to earn everything, all while overcoming the tumultuous histories between the Silver Fangs and Glass Walkers and their allies. There is no stationary sept. What the PCs will have at start is a convoy of vehicles which they use as a base of operations, a makeshift Bawn until they can eke out an existence somewhere. Our game is about exploring player agency and how the world reacts to the reintroduction of Gaians into a city that has gone without for nearly a decade.

No prior experience with Werewolf: the Apocalypse is required to play!