The Modern Enigma Society relies on members who volunteer their time, energy and expertise to provide all of the club’s services and events. As members are not paid, the club has developed several ways to recognize those who volunteer. This includes Prestige and Volunteer Incentive Points (VIP).

Prestige points accumulate over a member’s time in the club and allow them to gain Membership Class (MC). All members begin at Membership Class 1 and can earn up to Membership Class 14.

Membership Class awards bonus XP on your characters.
In the 13th Hour (Vampire the Masquerade) and On Frayed Threads (Werewolf the Apocalypse), you are awarded 3 bonus XP for each level of Membership Class.
A player who is MC1 will have 3 bonus XP and a player who is MC 10 would
have 30 bonus XP.
This bonus XP is awarded to all your characters, at character creation. If you gain a Membership Class during play, you gain the bonus XP.

Volunteer Incentive Points (VIP) are earned and then spent on in-game items for your characters. Examples include:

  • holding in important in-character position within a city in your character’s background such a Prince or Sept Leader;
  • Ties to NPCs such as a Justicar or Incarna Spirit
  • Participation in important historical canon events like the Convention of Thorns or the Third Sabbat Civil War

All players who join the club are awarded 40 VIP as a welcome gift.

If a player is returning to the club and has a membership number beginning with 202007 or lower (aka, 2002, 2003, 2019, etc) they receive either VIP of 10 x MC, or 40 VIP: whichever is higher.

These initial distributions are one-time awards. Once VIP is spent, it’s gone and you must earn more VIP via volunteer activities. VIP points follow the player, unlike MC XP, where the award is per character.

Example: If I have two characters and begin play with 40 VIP, and I spend 5 VIP on my Vampire character and 10 VIP on my Werewolf character, I have 25 VIP left to spend on any of my characters.