May 13, 2023 – Featured Game

Boston is hosting a Featured Game of the Month on May 13, 2023.  Double feature, Werewolf and Masquerade!  We want to see you there!  (And our Werewolf ST would love to see some vampire-only players NPC to try out his venue).

What is a Featured Game of the Month? It’s a game where you can expect to see more visitors, possibly regional and national plot, great costumes, and over all just “more” of everything you find at a regular monthly game. Attendees also earn 2 extra XP for attending!


Friday May 12 – 8pm – 10pm Social

If you want to join us for the social on May 12 and have NOT emailed me to RSVP, please do so

RSVP list can be seen here if you want to check if you’re on it!

Friday Night Social – $40 per person
Fajitas & Ritas

Menu: Chips with salsa / guacamole; nachos (vegetarian option); tequila wings, jalapeno poppers, veggie quesadillas, and 2 drink tickets good for all house margaritas, all beer, all wine, any other mixed drinks except premium, and all non-alcoholic beverages.  All money is going directly to pay the bill at the restaurant, including gratuities. This is NOT a domain fundraiser.

For those needing rides, I’ll be in touch, but you can get there on public transportation and it’s just a few stops down from the T stop that the hotel is at. (Boston’s subway is called “The T”) 

Saturday May 13

12pm – Doors Open – All players welcome to arrive. If you don’t play Apocalypse, consider NPCing! Or you are welcome to hang out and be social. There’s plenty of inexpensive lunch spots around and there will be other players hanging out.

12:30pm – Welcome & Announcements
1pm – Werewolf: The Apocalypse Game ON

6pm – Welcome & Announcements
7pm – Vampire: the Masquerade Game ON
11pm – Game off

11pm – 1am – After Game Party at the Lodge – donations for food, beverages and venue rental can be sent via the Game Sign Form or directly via Paypal


Registration and Sign In is OPEN.  Click here!  (Vaccines are required and mask requirements are based on community infection rates.  See our complete policy online.)

Hotel Details – Porter Square Hotel

We have partnered with the Porter Square Hotel which is NEXT DOOR to our game site, the Masonic Lodge of Cambridge.

You must CALL the hotel to make a reservation and use the code MES523. Call 617-499-3399.

Guests can begin calling to make their reservations immediately. Note that the code will not work on any websites so guests will need to call the front desk at 617-499-3399 to make their reservation and reference the code to receive the guaranteed rates. The code will remain active until either May 11th or until we no longer have availability, whichever comes first.

All reservations have a 24-hour cancellation policy (cancel free of charge up until 3pm the day before arrival) so RESERVE NOW, even if you’re not certain about your plans yet. May is “graduation season” in this college town and hotels will fill up fast!

  • Petite Double Twin (about 180 sq. ft., two twin beds): $235
  • Petite Queen (about 180 sq. ft., one queen bed): $245
  • Deluxe Double Twin (between 190-220 sq. ft., two twin beds): $249
  • Deluxe Queen (between 210-230 sq. ft., one queen bed): $259
  • Queen Suite (between 315-400 sq. ft., a bedroom with one queen bed and a living room): $279

13th Hour – Step Into Spring

As Autumn came to Boston an infernal cult of mages was cut down through the collective action of all residents of the domain. But as that infernal threat was cut down, or more accurately shot in the face and killed, the Kindred of the domain found them face to face with an actual demonic entity. As the nights lengthened, and Winter began creeping into the city, the Kindred of Boston found themselves squaring off with an increased hunter threat; and though recent legislation was passed through an extraordinary effort overturning many of the most restrictive Blue Laws the Kindred of the city found it harder and harder to feed without attracting notice. Even as tensions between sects rise, as the Authorities of Sects shift, and as many wonder if the Treaties will hold – the Kindred of the city work together to oust the Hunters from the locations of mystical sigils while others put together a plan to address the larger Project Twilight Issues through influences and community action and a Step Into Spring campaign.

As the kine prepare to Step Into Spring, through the manipulations of the Kindred, it is time to see what strange flowers bloom in Boston. It is time to see what seeds bear fruit.. it is time to see if the Kindred can Step Into Spring united, or if the tensions in the City have withered the Treaties?

Join us on May 13th as we tend the gardens we have planted, as we pull that which we cannot tolerate up by the roots, and as we plant the seeds of future harvests. Come, Step Into Spring.

Can’t Attend? You Can Proxy – FOR ART

IC Details:

The Kindred of Boston have been working on reducing the effectiveness of Project Twilight and the Hunters of Boston. Previously monitored locations have been freed of Hunter influences, and the city is actively working to de-fund a corrupt police force.  Part of their efforts has been a Step Into Spring campaign – a series of artistic events and block parties throughout the city.

On Saturday, May 13, at the Encore Casino the Kindred will gather for their own celebrations. Word has spread throughout our societies, and many have made plans to travel to Boston as all three sects claim territory in the city.

Shortly after night fall, the ballrooms at the Encore will open for Kindred and the evening will start off with performances. Those who wish to perform should reserve their spot.

OOC Details:

If you can’t attend Boston’s Game of the Month on May 13, you can still participate in-character and on Discord!

If your PC wishes to perform, you need to proxy for the night of May 13.  As part of the proxy, your PC will perform or provide non-performance art for display.  Note, Event XP and VIP will not be awarded to proxied characters.  However, it is a chance to get your character’s artwork featured at a large event.

A Google Document will be released with the write ups of the artworks and performances presented before the game starts on May 13.

In-person game will begin as the curtain falls on the last performance.  Characters who are proxy only will be sent to a “green room” and will be unavailable to RP with during the game session.

For players who travel to the game in-person, their characters will be able to enter game space and RP as normal.

RP among proxied PCs (and those who visited in person) set in-character on Saturday, May 13 can being OOCly on Sunday May 14 by taking a ticket on the Lastlight server. For questions email the VST.

The deadline for proxies is Friday, May 5th.

Use the MES Standard Proxy Template and email (VST Chris)

Include a write up with details of your character’s performance or art!  Links to Google docs are great!

Our Venue – The Masonic Lodge

We are thrilled to be at the Masonic Lodge of Cambridge. A few helpful things to know about our site:

  • This venue has stairs! You may have to go up and down stairs more than once as our game space will be split across 2 floors. Please reach out to Wendy at if you need accommodations.
  • Large coat room for OOC storage
  • Limited changing space – come early if you need to change on site. We recommend hair and make up be done before you arrive, the bathrooms are small. (Or bring a mirror and get gussied up in the OOC space!)
  • You may bring food and drink but it must stay in the OOC room. The building is old and full of antiques.
  • Water fountain on site, bring a water bottle


Do not park on the street or in the shopping center. 100% chance of being ticketed and / or towed.
If you need to park, there is a small back lot, hidden away. Getting there can be tricky – best bet is use 2055 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02140 for your GPS.

At the Speedway gas station turn RIGHT onto Hadley Street.
You’ll see the parking lot on the left, where the green square is.
If you can’t figure it out you can temporarily park in the parking center and come get someone to help guide you!

Taking the T (aka the Subway or Public Transportation)

Boston’s public transportation system is called the MBTA. Navigating the MBTA is fairly simple. Use the MBTA trip planner if you’re staying some place that isn’t in Porter Square – but see below for helpful directions on getting to the subway from the airport.

If you plan to stay for the social, you cannot take the T after game. Our subway is NOT 24 hours, you need to be on your train before midnight!

Our venue and the Porter Square Hotel are in Porter Square. Porter Square is on the RED LINE.

From Logan Airport:
Follow signs to Ground Transportation. Look for the “T” symbol.
Look for the “Silver Line” signs – this is a BUS. The Silver Line SL1 bus offers connections to the subway at South Station. So if you’re not sure you have the right bus, ask the driver if they’re going to South Station. The Silver Line is FREE.

Once at South Station, you want to follow signs for the subway – the T – NOT the “Commuter Rail” and not Amtrak. You want to find the Red Line.

Before you do, make sure to stop at a kiosk and purchase a fare card. Each trip is $2.40 so if you’re just going to / from the airport you only need $4.80.

Take the Red Line INBOUND towards ALEWIFE. Get off at Porter Square. Take any exit up to the street. Use GPS to coordinate yourself from there, but the hotel is visible from the street.

Our system is old, slow, and sometimes on fire. But it will get you there, eventually. Pay attention to signs and announcements as the subway may be replaced with shuttle buses.