Game Site Change

We have moved out of the Crowne Plaza for the foreseeable future, and are currently hosting games at The Cambridge Masonic Lodge. All games will be hosted there, on the same schedule as before. Sabbat continues to be held at a private location.

The address of the new site is:
1950 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA 02140  

Free parking is available in the indicated lot on Hadley Street, try to park as close to the fence as you can.

Do not park in the Credit Union parking lot – they tow!

There is also guest parking available at the hotel, but they charge a fee.
If you have accessibility issues and need to park closer to the Lodge, please email the DC by the Tuesday before each game weekend

February Space Game announcement

This Saturday, February 16th our Space game is scheduled to take place at the Crowne Plaza Hotel located at 320 Washington Street, Newton, MA 02458.

Saturday Game Schedule:
Space: check-in begins at 6:30, game runs until 11pm
Site fee: $15 per person, flat rate
Check-in Form:
Next month we will be back to our typical fourth weekend Space game. 

Crowne Plaza Travel Notes:
– Don’t trust Google maps to get to this hotel.  It may sit directly on top of Massachusetts Pike, but you still need to exit the expressway (exit 17 towards Newton).
– Please park in the connected garage and bring your ticket inside to get it validated at the front desk for free parking.
– The 57 bus is a good option for public transportation, but please don’t be shy in asking for a lift home if you are staying for the evening game or headed to afters.
Hope to see you there!

Charity Drive – Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital

During our March games the Domain of Shattered Antiquities will be hosting a charity drive for Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital in Portland Maine. This drive was suggested and is being organized by Miranda Chadbourne.

Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital is a leading pediatric hospital north of Boston. Their Children’s Life Department organizes a “Take it and Read it Library,” a collection of books for children of all ages to choose a book to read during their hospital stay. These books stay with the child, and are not returned. These books are small gifts to all sick children and their siblings a way to get away from what’s troubling them.

We are asking for donations of NEW books. All books should be appropriate for readers between the ages of newborns to young adults.

In lieu of books, any cash donations can also be given during game time. The cash will be used to purchase other books, or small toys such as coloring books or crayons to give with the donation.

Books will be collected by Miranda during Apoc and Masq on March 9th, and by Laura or an ADC during Sabbat and Space. Prestige will be given for donations. As per the guidelines in the Membership Handbook, for each $2 worth of items or money donated to a local sanctioned philanthropy, 1 general prestige point is awarded.

If you have any further questions please feel free to the DC at

Apocalypse Game Note-

This Book Drive has been sponsored by the players from “Teeth Around Your Neck” Apoc Pack, who will be hosting a baby shower for Amy Hofman. Should any player wish to have their character give a book for an in game baby shower, but is unable to donate to the book drive, index cards will be provided for the character to write which books would have been given.

Alternatively if players are interested in donating more than one book we will set up a table with up for grabs books to be given at the baby shower.

Shattered Antiquities at Arisia

The Boston domain will be running three recruitment games at the Arisia convention, January 18-20, Werewolf: The Apocalpyse, Vampire: The Masquerade, and Space: The Infinite Edge. The schedule and teasers are below. We hope to see you there!

Werewolf the Apocalypse

White Hill (4th), Saturday 7:30pm – 11:30pm

One of the few left, you have reached out to anyone who could hear you. From wherever you come from, you arrive here, the Sept of the Last Hope, Gaia’s last shred of existence on this decaying ball of dirt. You’re not alone, others have heard your call and joined you. The warder has made accommodations for the handful left. Now is the time to gather your allies, resources, and wits before you make the final push. You’ll need to strike deep at the heart of the Wyrm before hope is lost. 18+ only.

This game is outside of the regular chronicle, and will use a light version of the mechanics.

Space Infinite Edge

White Hill (4th), Sunday 1pm – 5pm

500 years ago one of the largest interstellar cruise lines left the Core to take the nobility on a cruise they would never forget. They succeeded, after a fashion; they received a signal from within the event horizon of a black hole. Investigating the signal brought the ship into contact with a powerful entity, which quickly possessed the ship. This mythos entity now feeds upon the souls of those who come on board. It loves Humanity. It always has, and it always will. 18+ only.

This game is run in chronicle, and characters played will earn standard and event XP.

Vampire The Masquerade

White Hill (4th), 7pm – 11pm

Boston Minds Eye Society. Gehenna was a lie. For centuries the forces of the Camarilla and the Sabbat waged a bitter war over the fate of vampire kind. After the dust settled and Caine did not return, the two factions are left to forge an uneasy truce. You take on the role of one of the ambassadors from the two factions meeting to craft the treaty in favor of your people. Can you secure the future of your faction or will your rivals claim dominance? 18+ only.

This game is outside of the regular chronicle, and will use a light version of the mechanics.