Domain Meeting 10/13

The DST and the DC will be holding a Domain Mini-meeting between Werewolf:Apoc and VTM:CAI. This will be a relatively concise meeting to put out our domain level project and objectives and get connected to people interested in participating helping out with these efforts. We aim to cut no more off than 15 minutes off the end of Apoc and start of CAI respectively. I have already spoken with the VSTs involved.

Time Line.
Start 5:30 End at or before 6:30.
Core Topics.
* Outreach and Recruitment
* New player engagement and support.
* Social Media, Web, and Wiki presence and support.
* Domain Policy Development (OK Checkin, Bleed, Emotional Intelligence.
* NWoD Events, interest development and OWoD / NWoD “cross pollination”

If time allows.
* Social Events (especially Non-Game Day)
* Lighting, Sounds and Props.
* Staff and Player Resource development.
* How to get and how to fixing your Prestige.

Going forward I plan to run “office hours” between our two OWoD game to offer player and story support.
Examples. Support on approval writing, non-local game connections, prop / costume donation and swap, mechanics questions, minor mediations or discussion etc.

I look forward to seeing you all.

Reminder no out side the hotel food.
If anyone has a better idea than bringing up food from the hotel restaurant, that would be awesome.

Graham R.
Boston DST