November Featured Game of the Month: Sunday 11/11

Vampire the Masquerade: Sabbat

Event Teaser

For centuries Wadim Bishop of Faith, one of the triumvirate who oversaw the Diocese of Essex, ruled from his seat of power in Ipswich. In the fetid swamps of his domain he worked ancient Thaumaturges bargaining with the spirits that called the land home. Wadim disappeared alongside his fellow Bishop Neron during the siege of Boston and now Wadim’s wards and pacts go unattended.

In recent nights strange creatures have been seen wandering the wild places of the diocese. Lumbering mounds of rot, dancing lights, and wailing spirits of the dead are all seemingly drawn to the swamps of Ipswich. The activities of the foul constructs prove too great of a threat to the Diocese risking to damage the fragile stability the Sword has constructed in Essex.

Archbishop Olek Dziedzic has called together all willing members of the sword to offer council and strength of arms in dealing with these abominations. You are summoned to gather at St. Mary the Assumption Parish under the security of Bishop Tristan Morgan. Together the Sword of Caine shall confront these threats and spread the glory of the dark father. Praise Caine!

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Key Ratings:

  • PvP Violence/Threats 3
  • PvP Social / Dramatic 3
  • PvE 3

OOC Notes:

  • Characters with any especially unusual approvals, plot issue items or PvP issues pertinent to their characters should contact the ST staff before arrival by email.
  • Players Characters who wish to engage in PvP especially physical conflict must have a member of the ST staff present, and have alerted the VST before any related action is taken.