From the Desk of the DC: Domain Finances

1. Sabbat will be moving to the Cambridge Masonic Temple with the rest of our games for at least the next two months but possibly going forward. This means that the site fee for this game will need to be raised a little. 
2. With the Chronicle Reset Survey out for Masquerade, we do not know when the chronicles will be ending, but it could be as soon as January (and as late as two years or more from now.) When the last chronicle ended, we had 13 straight months of dipping into our savings to ensure that we could afford site fees every month as players lost interest until each game’s chronicle reset. I would like to ensure that we can weather this chronicle transition smoothly as relates to finances, just as we did last time. 
3. An overwhelming recognition that some members do face financial difficulties even with current site fees, and changing those fees should be done with careful thought as to where we currently are financially and looking to our future needs as a domain.

With that said, here’s what I’d like to try for the next two months as regards the site fees for games. This is a trial for August and September to test that we can cover having all four of our games at the Masonic Temple financially. 
Apocalypse or Camarilla or both: $15 for the day (unchanged)
Space: $15 for the day (unchanged)
Storytelling or NPC duty only: Free (unchanged)
Sabbat: $10 for the day (CHANGED)
Sabbat and Space together: $15 (CHANGED)

Please remember that we do have the Sponsorship Fund as well, which currently has $130 available in it. If you appreciate the other gamers around you and they add to your game and you would like to see them there even if their finances are tight, please consider donating some money to this sponsorship fund.

I would like to ask that everyone try this for the next two months (August and September), and then provide feedback starting August 31. I will remind people to give feedback around this time.

Rhys O’Madigan
Domain Coordinator for Boston’s Shattered Antiquities