Game On – Changeling the Lost March 25

We are always welcoming new players and there’s no time like the present to join!

12:30pm on Saturday March 25

St James Episcopal Church in Porter Square – right across the street from the Masonic Lodge!

1991 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02140

If you want to the join the Changeling the Lost game, contact the VST Aaron at

Lost Discord is here:

Game site fees are the same – 

$10 At Need

$15 Standard

$20 Patron

$0 Scholarship

We encourage the use of Paypal for site fees but Aaron will also accept cash on game day.  If paying cash for site fee, please bring exact change!

Remember to use the Sign In Form

Changelings, also known as the Lost, are humans who were abducted by the Fae. Unlike most who suffer this fate, the Lost have managed to find their way back through the Hedge (the barrier between our world and the fairy world) to the mortal world, but their time in the Faerie realm (Arcadia) has irrevocably changed their bodies, minds and souls. A Changeling’s true, inhuman mien is hidden by his Mask, the aspect of Fae magic that makes Faerie creatures and artefacts seem mundane to mortal eyes. Very few Changelings are able to reclaim their old lives, or make entirely new ones without retaining ties to the fae realm.

Changeling: The Lost is a game about people in awful situations, who have mustered the strength to move on. It’s about learning to survive in a new world, one that looks like the one you grew up in, but one you’ll never see the same way because of what you’ve been through. It’s about struggling to find a balance between facing the world, and looking back and healing. It’s about knowing that you could become a victim at any time, and trying to walk the line between security and paranoia. It’s about staying safe while not consuming your life by dwelling on the past. It’s about dealing. It’s about growing. It’s about healing.