August 13, 2022 – Game On – Changeling & Vampire


World of Darkness LARP is live in Boston! The Modern Enigma Society (MES) is hosting both our Changeling: the Lost and Vampire: the Masquerade LARPs. We are actively recruiting new players, and there’s plenty of room in our games for all kinds of character concepts. Our next game is August 13th, 2022 at the

1950 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02140

Changeling: the Lost
12pm – 5pm, with game on at 1pm

Vampire: the Masquerade
6pm – 11pm, with game on at 7pm

Site fee: $10 for 1 game, $15 for both games. New players, your first day is free!

Note: We are actively seeking donations to raise our treasury as our rental fee is currently higher than our our income from site fees. If you can bring a little extra in August, it be gratefully accepted.

You must be vaccinated and please bring a mask in case, as they may be required. (View our complete Covid Protocols here). We are committed to be an inclusive space and encourage LARPers of color and from the LGBTQIA+ communities to join us.

If you have not attended an MES game before, please RSVP to Wendy at

The Vampire the Masquerade game is part of a networked campaign spanning over 30 games all across the USA. We offer a unique LARPing experience with the ability to be part of complex local, regional, and national plotlines and to develop rich stories and deep character connections over time. Contact our ST at

Our Changeling: the Lost game is a stand-alone game serving our local players. Contact our ST, Aaron at

Check us out on the web at Shattered Antiquities and learn more about our Vampire the Masquerade Chronicle by reading our Settings and Character Creation info or join us on Discord

More information about our club is available at