Next Game – Werewolf: the Apocalypse

Game On Sept 24 at 1pm

If this is your first time gaming with Shattered Antiquities, please contact Wendy to RSVP at

Game Location: 11 Bulkeley Rd Littleton MA (on the Fitchburg Line of the Commuter Rail)
Game Start 1pm
Contact the Storyteller, Dan

  • This is a private home with ample street parking.
  • The homeowner’s request all players be vaccinated with at least one booster!

Note: In October Werewolf moves to second Saturday! (October 8th)

About “The Longest Road

Come be part of the newly formed Gaian Alliance, where Garou, Fera, and Kinfolk are united at last in a battle against the Weaver.  Old enmities still simmer, and new alliances also made new enemies as the political landscape of the shifters has changed.  Meanwhile, practical matters of war against the Weaver and basic survival force political agendas to the wayside.

The Longest Road is a game about having nothing and struggling to earn everything, all while overcoming the tumultuous histories between the Silver Fangs and Glass Walkers and their allies. There is no stationary sept. What the PCs will have at start is a convoy of vehicles which they use as a base of operations, a makeshift Bawn until they can eke out an existence somewhere. Our game is about exploring player agency and how the world reacts to the reintroduction of Gaians into a city that has gone without for nearly a decade.

No prior experience with Werewolf: the Apocalypse is required to play!

Covid Protocols:
•    We are playing in a private home.  Respect closed doors and the homeowners.
•    If you feel the littlest bit sick, DO NOT COME, an immunocompromised person lives here.
•    The homeowners will not be wearing a mask, but players will be required to wear a mask while indoors.  Outdoors you may remove your mask.
•    Proof of vaccination verified including one booster.  This is a change from our standard for our 2nd weekend games so everyone will need to be re-verified, even if you have attended a Lost or Masquerade game.