2022 End of Year Update – State of the Domain

Hi players!

There’s a lot of information in this post, please be sure to reach out with any questions or concerns or if you want to volunteer and get involved!

 First, WELCOME ALL NEW PLAYERS.  We are so excited to have you with us and we look forward to a great year of gaming in 2023.

To our players who have been with us for more than a year – THANK YOU.  Thank you for sticking with us through the pandemic and the on-line games.  Thank you for coming back to play with us in person.  Thank you for your continued financial and moral support even if you’ve not been participating in local games.

Game Attendance since April (in-person games):

April12 8
May13 8

I’m excited to see our numbers growing!  We have 34 members of the Domain (including Trial Members), and we hope to grow that in 2023.

Changeling the Lost is moving to a new site and weekend for 2023 (TBD) and if you want to check out a totally different kind of game, I encourage you to reach out to Aaron.

Annual Costs

Not including the occasional cost of props or credit card fees, here are the current fixed costs for the domain.  The Lodge has locked in our price for 2023, which is great news – it will remain at $250 per day!

  95.88Word Press
  12.00.com Domain
  3,000.00Masonic Lodge Rental
  197.88MeetUp Premium
  3,305.76Total per year

Our Current Treasury:

 $  726Total Funds
 $  110Scholarship Funds
 $  616Available for Expenses

Our Site Fees for 2023:

Site fees go directly towards the expenses detailed above.  Any excess is held in reserve and our goal in 2023 is to rebuild our reserves.  The Domain’s large treasury reserve is what allowed us to return to gaming in person in 2022, even though our total intake each month has been less than our total expenses.  Unfortunately we’ve exhausted that reserve and so we need to manage our cash flows carefully in 2023.  Our standard site fee is increasing to $15 per day, but we have 4 tiers:

 $              –Scholarship
 $           10At Need
 $           15Standard
 $           20Patron

YOU select your site fee each session.  You do not need to justify your selection, and the scholarship fund is always available to pay for some or all of your site fee. Just select Scholarship on the Sign In Form. Bring a guest – a player’s first day is always free!

As a reminder, your current officers are:

Wendy – Domain Coordinator – nhma.dc@gmail.comThis is an elected position and my job is to make sure we have a place to play and that all staff and players are treating each other with respect and abiding by the MES Code of Conduct. I also am often the first point of contact for new players.  In 2023 I hope to focus more on member education – our organization has a lot of layers to it and understanding those can enhance your game experience.  My term is actually up in February, so if you think you want my job, talk to me about how to be Domain Coordinator!  But I also plan to run again because I like helping make our domain grow and our members and guests feel welcome.  I am looking for assistants, if you want to get involved, email me!

Dray – Domain Storyteller – nhma.dst@gmail.comThis is an elected position.  Dray is in charge of making sure our Venue Storytellers have what they need to run their games.  He is also the person you can go to if you have a concern about one of our Venue STs.  Venue Storytellers (VSTs) have a lot of influence over your game experience as a player, and we want to be sure there is someone you can talk to with any questions or concerns.

Chris – Vampire VST – nhma.masq2020@gmail.com

Dan – Werewolf VST – boston.apoc.vst@gmail.com

Aaron – Changeling the Lost VST – boston.lost.vst@gmail.com

Our Venue Storytellers are in charge of running their games.  Aaron is looking to grow the Changeling the Lost game, so look for more details on that for 2023.  Storytellers are elected by the players.  If you have a character, you get to vote for who your ST is.  If you think you might want to be an ST some day, ask about helping out as an assistant.  Storytelling is a skill and like any other, you get better with practice.  Our STs are elected for a 1 year term, so I know that towards the end of 2023, we’ll be looking for folks to step up and run for VST.  Which means you have almost a whole year to learn the job and decide if it’s right for you!

Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you soon!