MESCon 2023 NSS/VSS’s, Registration Reminder, COVID Policy

Hello MES!

We are two weeks out from MESCon 2023!! Here are a bunch of updates and reminders. 

1. The VSS for each Venue and the NSS are now up on the MESCon 2023 website. And please don’t forget to pre-register for the convention, both purchasing your tickets as well as submitting your character sheets. As the Approvals Database is still down, all sheets must be submitted via the Google form provided by the NST on the MESCon 2023 website. Sheets submitted will be considered the official copy of your sheet. And the NST has asked that links not be submitted, so you will need to copy/paste your sheets into the form. Those who pre-register are eligible for both Prestige and VIP.

2. New Orleans has been dealing with an intense heatwave. You will hear me talking about proper hydration a lot when we get down there. So please plan accordingly, your safety is of paramount importance. 

3. I have booked one of the 2nd floor conference rooms for the Friday and Saturday of the convention. All three Q&A’s as well as the live auction will be held in that room, and I will be adding the location to the convention schedule (though likely not until next week). The layout guide for the hotel can also be found on the MESCon 2023 website. 

4. Volunteers needed!! Mostly to assist with registration as well as setting up and breaking down decor, but there will be a lot of little jobs to handle as well at the con. If you are able to help please email me: Assisting at the convention will earn you Prestige and VIP. 

5. COVID-19 Policy: We are maintaining the same policy as we did in 2022, outlined below. 

Proof of COVID-19 vaccination will be required to attend the 2023 MES Conventions. Presentation of a vaccination card, image of vaccination card, or medical records application that shows proof of COVID-19 Vaccination will suffice. Those seeking a medical exemption from the vaccination requirement will need to provide clear documentation (such as a doctor’s note) at least seven (7) days before the convention to be considered. To obtain this, please email documentation to the Board of Directors ( 

If you approach a fellow member and they ask you to wear a mask in close contact, described as in a distance of 6ft or less, you will be required to do so or provide at least 6 feet of distance. Convention staff may also require you to wear a mask (n95) should an area become crowded or when entering small contained spaces such as small rooms for side scenes. Therefore, you should carry a mask on you at all times. There will be n95 masks available from staff in instances where staff require a member to wear one. Refusal to wear a mask and/or leave the space when requested to do so may be considered grounds for Investigation or Disciplinary Action.
Thank You, Jeremy “Geo” GiannettiUS2016080080
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