MESCon 2023 NSS/VSS’s, Registration Reminder, COVID Policy

Hello MES!

We are two weeks out from MESCon 2023!! Here are a bunch of updates and reminders. 

1. The VSS for each Venue and the NSS are now up on the MESCon 2023 website. And please don’t forget to pre-register for the convention, both purchasing your tickets as well as submitting your character sheets. As the Approvals Database is still down, all sheets must be submitted via the Google form provided by the NST on the MESCon 2023 website. Sheets submitted will be considered the official copy of your sheet. And the NST has asked that links not be submitted, so you will need to copy/paste your sheets into the form. Those who pre-register are eligible for both Prestige and VIP.

2. New Orleans has been dealing with an intense heatwave. You will hear me talking about proper hydration a lot when we get down there. So please plan accordingly, your safety is of paramount importance. 

3. I have booked one of the 2nd floor conference rooms for the Friday and Saturday of the convention. All three Q&A’s as well as the live auction will be held in that room, and I will be adding the location to the convention schedule (though likely not until next week). The layout guide for the hotel can also be found on the MESCon 2023 website. 

4. Volunteers needed!! Mostly to assist with registration as well as setting up and breaking down decor, but there will be a lot of little jobs to handle as well at the con. If you are able to help please email me: Assisting at the convention will earn you Prestige and VIP. 

5. COVID-19 Policy: We are maintaining the same policy as we did in 2022, outlined below. 

Proof of COVID-19 vaccination will be required to attend the 2023 MES Conventions. Presentation of a vaccination card, image of vaccination card, or medical records application that shows proof of COVID-19 Vaccination will suffice. Those seeking a medical exemption from the vaccination requirement will need to provide clear documentation (such as a doctor’s note) at least seven (7) days before the convention to be considered. To obtain this, please email documentation to the Board of Directors ( 

If you approach a fellow member and they ask you to wear a mask in close contact, described as in a distance of 6ft or less, you will be required to do so or provide at least 6 feet of distance. Convention staff may also require you to wear a mask (n95) should an area become crowded or when entering small contained spaces such as small rooms for side scenes. Therefore, you should carry a mask on you at all times. There will be n95 masks available from staff in instances where staff require a member to wear one. Refusal to wear a mask and/or leave the space when requested to do so may be considered grounds for Investigation or Disciplinary Action.
Thank You, Jeremy “Geo” GiannettiUS2016080080
Modern Enigma Society National Convention 


MESCon 2023 Online Charity Auction & Expanded Room Block

Hello MES!

I am happy to announce that the online charity auction for MESCon 2023 has begun!! As always, 100% of all money raised will be split eveningly with the MES Scholarship Fund and one charity organization of our choosing. We have decided upon the Shriners Children’s Hospital for this year. In addition to the online auction, there will also be a live auction held at MESCon 2023, and those items will be made available at some point during the convention itself.
Some of the items are listed as usable for the convention only, so please be aware of that when you bid. We have also implemented anti-snipe settings so that everyone will be able to have a fair opportunity to place bids. Once the auction is over, please note you will have about two weeks to get your applications in should you want to use your items at the con itself.
In addition, I’ve managed to get a few more rooms set to the room block rate at the Hilton Garden Inn in New Orleans. The link to our convention’s room block can be found below. 

All of these links are also up on the MESCon 2023 website

Jeremy “Geo” GiannettiUS2016080080
Modern Enigma Society National Convention 


MESCon 2023 Pre-Registration Open

The registration for MES Con 2023 is now open!!

There are two places you will need to go. To pay for your ticket into the convention, please go here:

There are two tiers for tickets. 

Tier 1 – Basic

– Pre-reg closes August 20th, 2023

– $65 for entry into the con

The price increases to $75 at the door after registration for Tier 1 closes. 

Tier 2 – VIP

– Closes July 1st

– $85 for entry into the con

– 3 metal RPS cards (same backs as last year, but new front design)

– 5 Fuel

– 5 Willpower

– $20 you can spend at the online or live auctions. 

Please note that we are not selling Fuel or Willpower during the convention, making the VIP ticket the only means by which you can purchase them.

The second place is this google form to submit your characters, which you can find here:

We are using the same type of form as we did for Con Discordia. Because the approvals database is not likely to be functional before MES Con 2023, we will require people to submit their character sheets via the registration form above. Further details and instructions can be found in the form itself. 

The con schedule and auction schedule are still being finalized, and will be released once they are all set. 

And finally, I am still looking for volunteers to help with the convention. In addition to the lead positions listed below, people who can help assist in these and other areas are needed. So even if you are unable to be a lead, we can certainly still use the help. 

Decor Lead: Responsible for setting up and breaking down decour for each game. 

Security Lead: Responsible to help ensure the safety and wellbeing of the convention goers. 

Thank You, Jeremy “Geo” GiannettiUS2016080080
Modern Enigma Society National Convention 


ConDiscordia Links!

Hello MES!!

Below you will find all of the links to all of the things that have to do with Con Discordia. We are working on creating a website where you can find all of these links, which I will post once it’s completed. A couple of items are indeed missing, and those items as well as what is presented here will be put up on the website as soon as they are finalized.

NSS & VSS’s:


Con Discordia 2023 Registration Form:

Additionally, the Board of Directors, the NST, and the NC have each requested a Q&A session during the convention. Here are the Google form you can use to submit questions ahead of the con. Each of these forms will close in one week’s time (Thursday, May 11th) in order to give each office time to process questions. Each officer may take additional questions as time permits during their respective Q&A. Also, we will be recording these
sessions and making them available to the club as a whole. Please note that this does not replace the required Q&A the Board of Directors is obligated to hold during our annual MES Con event. The game schedule will not change, we are working the Q&A’s around the existing game schedule, which will be finalized next week.

NC Q&A Form:

NST Q&A Form:

BoD Q&A Form:

Lastly, the server is not ready to receive people yet. We will be giving the invite link at some point next week. You must have a current and active MES Membership OR a Trial Membership in order to attend Con Discordia 2023.

Jeremy “Geo” Giannetti
Modern Enigma Society
National Convention Administrator

MESCon 2023 Hotel Block

Hello MES! Below you will find the link to the room block for MESCon 2023.

We shall be returning to the Hilton Garden Inn New Orleans (1001 S. Peters St., New Orleans, LA 70130).

Event Dates: August 23, 2023 – August, 28th, 2023

Book By: July 24th, 2023 to be able to apply the club rate.

Jeremy “Geo” Giannetti US2016080080

Modern Enigma Society National Convention Administrator

MESCon 2023

Hello MES,

Thank you for your patience as we put the final details together for MESCon 2023. We will once again be traveling to New Orleans!! The dates of the con are from Thursday, August 24th through Sunday, August 27th. We will get the official hotel information, room block information, and the booking link closer to the event. The room block does include the evening of Wednesday August 23rd through the morning of Monday, August 28th. All of these details will be released after MESConline 2023 in May.

There will be an online auction prior to MESCon 2023 and a live auction at the event itself. We will be announcing the full details in July prior to the start of the online auction.

At this time I am seeking event staff. 2nd Event Lead, Decor Lead, and Security Lead. Please send a resume which includes your MES number, a contact email, and your qualifications to

Thank You!!

Jeremy “Geo” Giannetti

Con Discordia 2023

Hello MES!

So after doing some workshopping on the name for the online convention in May, it’s been decided that it shall instead be called Con Discordia!! Nothing else has changed, including the dates and game schedule. Though here is a reminder of details.

Con Discordia Online Auction: Sunday, April 23rd to Sunday, May 7th

Con Discordia 2023: Friday, May 19th through Sunday, May 21st

All times set to CST

Friday May 19th
Vampire: The Masquerade – War Never Changes – 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm CST

Saturday, May 20th
Werewolf: The Apocalypse – On Frayed Threads – 11:00 am to 4:00 pm CST

Vampire: The Masquerade – 13th Hour – 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm CST

Sunday, May 21st
Changeling: The Dreaming: Breaking Winter – 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm CST

More details on the auction will come closer to this date. Server details will also come closer to the con’s date so that staff have the time to set things up. The con itself is free to all members, and we will
require verification of your current MES status. So please make sure your membership is up to date prior to this con.

We are of course in need of staff. If you are interested in volunteering for the ST side of things, you can contact the NST at If you are interested in helping to staff
the event itself, please reach out to me at

And of course if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

Jeremy “Geo” Giannetti
Modern Enigma Society
National Convention Administrator