MESCon 2023 Pre-Registration Open

The registration for MES Con 2023 is now open!!

There are two places you will need to go. To pay for your ticket into the convention, please go here:

There are two tiers for tickets. 

Tier 1 – Basic

– Pre-reg closes August 20th, 2023

– $65 for entry into the con

The price increases to $75 at the door after registration for Tier 1 closes. 

Tier 2 – VIP

– Closes July 1st

– $85 for entry into the con

– 3 metal RPS cards (same backs as last year, but new front design)

– 5 Fuel

– 5 Willpower

– $20 you can spend at the online or live auctions. 

Please note that we are not selling Fuel or Willpower during the convention, making the VIP ticket the only means by which you can purchase them.

The second place is this google form to submit your characters, which you can find here:

We are using the same type of form as we did for Con Discordia. Because the approvals database is not likely to be functional before MES Con 2023, we will require people to submit their character sheets via the registration form above. Further details and instructions can be found in the form itself. 

The con schedule and auction schedule are still being finalized, and will be released once they are all set. 

And finally, I am still looking for volunteers to help with the convention. In addition to the lead positions listed below, people who can help assist in these and other areas are needed. So even if you are unable to be a lead, we can certainly still use the help. 

Decor Lead: Responsible for setting up and breaking down decour for each game. 

Security Lead: Responsible to help ensure the safety and wellbeing of the convention goers. 

Thank You, Jeremy “Geo” GiannettiUS2016080080
Modern Enigma Society National Convention